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The Story of Becca Bands

BeccaBands Head bands

In 2010 I traveled to my cousin’s wedding. While there I stumbled across some elastic hair ties at a local boutique. These hair ties were amazing and looked great in my hair and on my wrist. A couple of weeks later I decided I had to have more. There were only a couple of problems: 1) the hair ties I had were fraying and not the quality I wanted and 2) I could not find these hair ties anywhere! My solution?..make them myself! I searched for the best quality elastic and started hand making my own hair ties and Becca Bands was born. Becca Bands come in a variety of colors and combinations and are heat sealed so the ends won’t fray like other elastic hair ties. They won’t snag your hair or leave a dent like ordinary hair ties do either. They truly are the perfect hair tie made with love!